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Government Grants are available NOW

to replace your faulty storage heaters

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You must receive state benefits to qualify for a storage heater grant

Apply for YOUR Storage Heater Grant TODAY

How do I apply for a Storage Heater Grant?


It’s easy. Simply complete the online form and one of our friendly team will telephone you to confirm the information you have provided, explain how the Storage Heater Grant Scheme works and answer any questions you may have.


You will need to provide proof of address and your date of birth so that we can check with the DWP whether the state benefits you receive qualify you for a storage heater grant. We will then arrange to survey your heating system and prepare an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for your home. You may need to provide your current Tax Credit or State Benefit award letters for the surveyor.


We will complete the paperwork for your application and present it to the ECO Funding provider who will check that you qualify. Once your Storage Heater Grant has been approved we will contact you to arrange the installation by qualified electricians. Then you can relax in a warm home knowing that your storage heaters are guaranteed for five years and your heating bills will be lower.



ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme


The Government’s ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme was introduced in March 2013 to offer boiler grants to householders who received state benefits and had faulty, inefficient gas central heating boilers. In August 2016 ECO grant funding was changed to include faulty storage heaters.

However, unless it is extended, the ECO Storage Heater Grant Scheme is scheduled to end in March 2017 so you only have a few months to apply for your storage heater grant. You may qualify for a

storage heater grant if you satisfy the following three conditions:


1.You live in your own home or a privately rented one.

2.You receive certain state benefits

3.You have at least one faulty electric storage heater installed in your home.


How is my Storage Heater Grant calculated?


The purpose of a storage heater grant is to reduce the heating bills of vulnerable households by installing a more energy efficient heating system. The greater the Long Term Savings in heating bills you can achieve by installing new storage heaters, the higher your grant. The amount of your storage heater grant can only be calculated after an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) has been prepared for your home.


Because greater savings in heating bills can gained in large houses compared to small flats, the system favours larger properties. However, one of the changes to the ECO Scheme under discussion for March 2017 is that the need for an EPC may be removed and your storage heater grant will be calculated in some other way. Watch this space!


Are storage heaters installed free of charge with the ECO Scheme?


As with most Government Grant Schemes, it depends. The amount of your storage heater grant can only be calculated after an EPC has been prepared for your home. From this we can calculate how much you should save on your heating bills by having new, energy efficient storage heaters to replace your old ones. The more it looks like you’ll save, the more the ECO Scheme will provide by way of a grant.


If your storage heater grant doesn’t cover the full cost of upgrading your heating system you may be asked to make a contribution. If you are unhappy with the amount of any contribution you can withdraw you application and it won’t cost you a penny.


What are Electric Storage Heaters?


Electric storage heaters are domestic heaters which store thermal energy and release it to heat your home when you need it. They are especially designed to convert cheap night time, off-peak electricity into thermal energy, store it, and then release it continuously throughout the day.  This is why they are sometimes referred to as night storage heaters.


Economy 7


The price of electricity supplied to our homes is much less when demand for it is lower, typically during the night time. So electric storage heaters use cheap night time electricity to store heat and then release it to warm your home during the day time when electricity is more expensive. Energy suppliers have introduced electricity tariffs such as Economy 7 which require a special meter to track day and night use of electricity, so that it can be charged at a different rate per kilowatt hour (kWh).


Heat Storage Blocks


Old storage heaters contained very heavy, heat retaining clay bricks but modern, more energy efficient versions use a ceramic material or high density magnetite to store heat. Offering the highest density and heat storage capacity, magnetite is extremely efficient at storing thermal energy but it also relies on excellent insulation to retain the heat.


Insulation in Storage Heaters


Elnur™ storage heaters have three different types of insulation:




Ceramic Fibre

  • Microtherm is one of the most efficient insulation materials available and Elnur™ claims that their storage heaters have over 20% more microtherm than similar products.

  • Vermiculite is highly fireproof, extremely light and compact and does not deteriorate or decompose.

  • Ceramic Fibre has very low thermal conductivity and is highly resistant to high temperatures and heat cycles.


Inside a storage Heater

Inside a storage Heater

Modern Storage Heaters are Energy Efficient


Modern Smart Storage Heaters have combined storage, convection and frost protection modes with high-sensitivity thermostatic controls. This allows you to accurately control your electricity consumption and optimise heat management in your home. As a result, modern storage heaters are up to 30% more energy efficient than their older counterparts, helping you to reduce your heating bills.


Advantages of Storage Heaters


  • Storage heaters are individual heaters which do not rely on a main boiler or expensive pipework and plumbing. Consequently storage heaters are cheaper to install than gas or oil central heating systems.

  • Electric storage heaters can be installed in almost any home with an electricity supply and are an ideal heating solution when renovating an old property without a gas supply.

  • Storage heaters are very reliable, last a long time and compared to gas central heating systems require virtually no servicing or maintenance.

  • Additional storage heaters can be installed quite easily if you decide to build an extension to your home and it is relatively easy to replace individual storage with newer, more energy efficient versions.


Disadvantages of Storage Heaters


  • Electric storage heaters are more expensive to run than central heating systems because even cheaper night time electricity costs more than gas.

  • Storage heaters can only release heat which was stored during the previous night so if it was switched off or heat storage levels set too low, there will be insufficient heat to use the following day.

  • Although modern storage heaters are more controllable than older versions, they do not offer the same flexibility as gas central heating systems in providing instant heat.

  • By their very nature storage heaters only heat your home; you will need a separate system to provide hot water.


Elnur Ecombi Storage Heaters:


  • Are silent in operation

  • Are an intelligent Storage Heater with built-in convector heater

  • Have a temperature sensor capable of calibration

  • Come with a safety thermostat with manual reset

  • Have a steel structure which is powder coated in pure white

  • Are compatible with Economy 7 and other off-peak electricity tariffs

  • Have automatic combined storage, convection and frost protection modes

  • Come with a 5 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty


Economy 7


Economy 7 is an electricity tariff which allows your energy supplier to measure usage and charge different prices for electricity, based on the time of the day you use it. Economy 7 allows householders with electric storage heaters to take advantage of cheaper electricity during the night time to heat their homes in the day time.


Economy 7 meters track day and night use of electricity separately so that off-peak and peak-time kWh rates can be charged. It’s called Economy 7 because you get 7 hours of cheap electricity, typically between midnight and 7:00 am.


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Another electricity tariff is Economy 10, known as Heatwise, which is similar to Economy 7 but adds 3 hours of cheap electricity in the afternoon. Which tariff is suitable for you depends on the usage pattern of electricity in your home.


Apply for YOUR Storage Heater Grant TODAY!  The current ECO Scheme is due to end in March 2017.

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