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Government Grants are available NOW

to replace your faulty storage heaters

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Storage Heater Grants for Pensioners

If you are a home owner or you rent from a private landlord AND you receive Pension Credit or Working Tax Credit, you may qualify for a storage heater grant to replace your old, faulty electric storage heaters.


Storage Heater Grants for pensioners are awarded by the Government’s Affordable Warmth Scheme and you can apply by completing the short form on this page. Don’t worry if you have central heating in your home rather than storage heaters, you may be able to claim for a boiler grant instead, by CLICKING HERE.


Across England, Scotland and Wales we have helped over 12,500 householders apply for their Affordable Warmth Scheme Heating Grant – Apply for YOURS today!

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Storage Heater Grants for Pensioners FAQs

If I apply for a storage heater grant, what happens next?


Once you have completed the short form on this page, one our friendly team will telephone you to confirm the information you have provided. We will explain how the storage heater grant scheme works and answer any questions you may have about it.


We will then arrange a free survey of your existing heating system and prepare a free EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) for your home. You will need to have your Pension Credit or Working Tax Credit award letter for the surveyor to see. And if you are a private tenant we will need your landlord’s details so that we can obtain their permission to install new storage heaters in your home.


Once we have completed the paperwork for your application we’ll send it to the ECO Funding organisation which will check that you qualify. When your Storage Heater Grant has been approved we will contact you to arrange the installation by qualified electricians. Then you can relax in a warm home knowing that your new storage heaters have a five year warranty and your heating bills will be lower in future.


If I qualify for a Storage Heater Grant, will I lose my winter fuel allowance?


NO.  Winter Fuel Allowance of between £100 and £300 is a tax-free payment to help with your heating bills during the cold weather.  But if you qualify for a storage heater grant or a boiler grant it will not affect your winter fuel allowance.


The winter fuel payment is paid automatically to householders who receive State Pension or certain other social security benefits. If you don’t currently receive a winter fuel allowance but think you may qualify, you can do so at


Will my storage heater grant cover the full cost of installation?


The amount of your storage heater grant is based on how much you will save in energy bills by upgrading your heating system. The more money we calculate that you will save on your heating bills, the higher your ECO Scheme storage heater grant will be.


For some pensioners, the storage heater grant will cover the full cost of installing new storage heaters but for others there may be a contribution required. This cannot be calculated until after an EPC has been prepared for your home. If, once you know the amount of any contribution you decide not to proceed, you can withdraw your application and there will be no charge.


Where does funding for Storage Heater Grants come from?


Under the ECO Scheme, large energy companies such as British Gas and nPower are legally obliged to place green levies on every household’s heating bills. This money is channelled through the ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme to provide boiler grants and storage heater grants for pensioners and families on low incomes.


The Government has set targets to reduce carbon emissions and one of the best ways is to replace inefficient heating systems in the low income households of pensioners and families. This will also help to reduce heating bills for those pensioners who qualify for a storage heater grant or a boiler grant because modern storage heaters are up to 30% more energy efficient than older ones.

What are the qualifying criteria for a Storage Heater Grant?


To qualify for a Storage Heater Grant you must satisfy ALL THREE of the following criteria:


1.Your Home


You live in England, Scotland or Wales and you are either:


A. A home owner.




B. A tenant in a privately owned property. Social housing and Housing Association properties are excluded from the Affordable Warmth Scheme.


2.Your State Benefits


You must receive at least one of the following benefits and meet any other criteria associated with it:


A. Pension Credit

You receive Pension Credit, either Guaranteed Credit or Savings Credit.  Ordinary state pension does not qualify on its own.



B. Working Tax Credit

You receive Working Tax Credit AND your total household income is below £16,010.  Your household income is shown on your current Tax Credit award letter and was used to calculate how much Working Tax Credit you receive.


And at least one from this following list also applies:


  • You have parental responsibility for a child under 16 who lives with you

  • You have parental responsibility for a child aged 16 or over but under 20, who lives with you and is in full-time education (not in higher education, such as at a university).

  • You receive the Disabled Worker Element or Severe Disability Element payment

  • You are aged 60 or over


You can see a full list of the qualifying criteria on the ECO Scheme page.


Your Electric Storage Heaters


You must have at least one electric storage heater installed in your home which is faulty.

However, your application will fail if you also have a ‘wet’ central heating system with radiators. That is, one which has a boiler to heat water which is pumped around pipework to radiators in your home.


The ECO Scheme provides storage heater grants to pensioners who receive certain state benefits


You must receive state benefits to qualify for a storage heater grant