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Government Grants are available NOW

to replace your faulty storage heaters

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You must receive state benefits to qualify for a storage heater grant

Are you considering replacing your faulty storage heaters?

Older and faulty heaters don’t provide sufficient heat to keep properties warm and also very expensive to run which is which is why you should Join over 12,500 householders who have applied for a grant to help with the replacement of their faulty storage heaters.


With a storage heater grant, you could have a new storage heater installed which will be slimmer and more attractive that the old style storage heaters. In addition to this, your new storage will be fully programmable and include built in temperature and energy management.


Replace your faulty storage heater for a Smart Storage Heater


When you apply to for your storage heater grant to replace your faulty storage heater you will get a new type of heater known as a Smart Storage Heater. These are far more efficient than the older models. This should help you save considerably on your heating bills. Smart Storage Heater retain their heat longer after a charge, so you should be able to use the heat when you want it, rather than having to use expensive peak rate electricity to charge them when you need them.


Apply for YOUR Storage Heater Grant TODAY!  The current ECO Scheme is due to end in March 2017.


The good news is that there is Grant for replacing your faulty electric storage heaters which will save you hundreds of pounds for the replacement heater as well as hundreds more in savings due to lower bills.


It’s also easy to apply for your storage heater grant...


Simply complete the online form on and one of our friendly team will telephone you to confirm the information you have provided, explain how the Storage Heater Grant Scheme works and answer any questions you may have.


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You must receive state benefits to qualify for a storage heater grant